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 Books published:

* Varangian

The Sandman Cometh

Splintered Ice

* Burnt Offerings

* Roadkill

* Whipped Up

* Tears in the Fabric of Time

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IF you are interested in YA, paranormal or horror, I have decided to close my other website for Glenn Stuart and have created a page here where you can browse through the titles and follow the purchasing links. Some are what you might call 'cross-over' books which will appeal to adults as well as younger readers. Check them out HERE.


Pure 'adult' reading? Visit my friend's website HERE.

She has written a good, but spicy book called "Deep In The Fog". If you like your stories a little raunchy, then she's the one for you!

At the foot of this page, you can see images of some of the books I have written as Glenn Stuart. All are available through Amazon.

Last updated: January 2016


My first ever Western 'UNFLINCHING' is now published by Creativia. Set in the years before the Civil War, it tells the story of a lone Pinkerton Detective, pitted against the harsh, unforgiving land and two vicious killers. Buy it HERE. The second in the series 'In the Blood' is now with the publishers!

'Minus Life' is my latest thriller, set in the near future. In a dying world, an ambling detective stumbles across a plan that will terrify everyone if it is made public. Those in the know are out to stop him, at any price! Soon to be on promotion, catch up with this cracking read HERE.

My dystopian thriller 'TEARS IN THE FRAGMENT OF TIME' is now published by Creativia, a wonderful independent publisher with lots of great new ideas regarding promotion and marketing. Buy your copy HERE and read the first page HERE.


  • The second in the series of Paul Chaise thrillers which began with Burnt Offerings, entitled WHIPPED UP is now published by Rebel-e  on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. Buy your copy HERE
  • My second Hardrada book 'King of the Norse' is now published. Buy your copy HERE
  • The first in the series, VARANGIAN is receiving good reviews. Read some HERE
  •  The prequel to Varangian, which deals with Hardrada's early life in Norway, how he fought in his first battle at 15, then fled to the east, eventually arriving in Constantinople as a young, but hardened man, is now  published. 'Origins' is available HERE.
  • Penrose Publishing have signed me for and published new version of 'Ogre's Lament - a story of Don Luis'. The book is available HERE and plans for a sequel are well under way.
  • I have just completed work as co-author on a very wonderful book entitled 'The Magical Painting', by Maliny Moon. Available now, if you love mystery, history and romance, you'll definitely enjoy this. Check it out HERE.
  • I am eternally honoured to have received the 2013 Just Reviews award as the ‘ outstanding Science Fiction/Horror Novelist for : Road Kill and Interloper’s From Hell!’ Here’s what Fran Lewis from ‘Just Reviews’ went on to say: ‘Stuart’s work is original, the characters are quite unique and the story line keeps you spellbound. Just reviews and Fran Lewis Presents this award to Stuart Yates on : November 20, 2013.’ So, people, why not pop along to Amazon UK, or Amazon US and pick up your own copies of these two well received novels... as well as all the others of course!